Democrats are infiltrating Manatee County’s Republican Party to Hijack our Elections

Liberals, their Fake Republican (RINO) allies, and a blog run by a multi-millionaire have made it clear–they can’t stand Manatee County’s new conservative politicians, the America-First policies they pass, or being exposed for the frauds they are.

One of the leaders in the cabal of Liberals is Marc R. Masferrer, whose Cheeto-stained fingers took to his keyboard (probably in his mother’s basement) to gloat about his preferred candidate qualifying by the ballot for petition.

But in his haste, Marc revealed a dark secret many conservatives knew about but couldn’t prove: Democrats are becoming Republicans to help defeat America-First candidates in Manatee County.

Here’s a post Masferrer made on X on May 4th :

In another post to his blog, Masferrer opined, “For you to be actually able to vote for him [Scott Farrington] in the GOP primary, you may have to change, if only temporarily, your party registration to get around Florida’s closed primary system.”

But he didn’t stop there. He actually went further in a blog post and wrote, 

“Why this matters is because the entry of an official write-in candidate would close off the Republican primary to voters who are not registered party members and who might support a more moderate candidate. 

“That quirk in Florida election law undoubtedly helped MAGA Republican challengers Jason Bearden and Mike Rahn easily beat mainstream Republicans Carol Whitmore and Misty Servia, respectively, in the 2022 GOP primary for their county commission seats.”

Masferrer admits Bearden and Rahn were undoubtedly conservatives while their incumbent opponents were “mainstream.” 

In this case, “mainstream” is the code word for woke leftists who supported aborting a baby up until childbirth and calling Governor DeSantis a racist.

Marc has done all of us a favor and revealed what we’ve suspected for years.

The rabble-rousers at the Republican Executive Committee, the semi-organized protests against votes to defend our rights and freedoms, the leaders of fake Republican groups, and now local political candidates posing as Republicans are nothing more than Democrats trying to take over our Republican Party.

Thanks, Marc. You have basically guaranteed that DeSantis appointee and Republican incumbent James Satcher will win the Republican primary.

Because if there’s one thing Real Manatee County Conservatives do best, it’s come together to beat Fake Republicans who are really Democrats.

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