Manatee County Commission Votes to Make Developers Pay Their Fair Share

Led by Commissioners Ray Turner and Kevin Van Ostenbridge, the Manatee County Commission has voted to increase impact fees on developers to the maximum state law allows.

Over the next four years, impact fees will rise by 12.5% annually for a total increase of 50%.

Impact fees are one-time charges developers must pay to offset the costs of expanding roads, transportation, law enforcement, and other infrastructure as a result of growth.

It’s important to note that these fees cannot be used to replace aging infrastructure. 

They exist to maintain the county’s current standards of service.

The lone holdout on the plan, even though he eventually voted for it, was Commie Commissioner George Kruse. 

Time and time again, Kruse has voted for and supported plans to use your hard-earned tax money to pay for other people’s rent and housing.  Sound familiar, Stalin?

In saying a new house and its residents don’t pay for their impact–after paying tens of thousands of dollars a year in new taxes for a collective total of almost $100,000,000 last year alone–Kruse is suggesting residents ought to pay higher property taxes. 

Our property taxes are quite high enough, Commissioner Kruse. 

It’s time for developers to shoulder the burden they place on Manatee County.

And thanks to the leadership of Ray Turner and Kevin Van Ostenbridge and the rest of the board, they will now be required to pay their fair share for the demands they place on our infrastructure.

Thank you, Commissioners Turner and Van Ostenbridge, for helping to rein in irresponsible growth. 

Thank you for protecting Manatee County residents from unreasonable property taxes.

We look forward to seeing more of this from you.

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