Walking to School Shouldn’t be Fatal for Florida Kids

Earlier this month, the Manatee County Commission voted to enforce school zone speed limits automatically–despite Commissioner Kruse obstructing prompt implementation.

Safe school zone driving can’t come soon enough for our children. 

Statewide, Florida’s kids are at serious risk while walking to school.

Early this month, an Auburndale high schooler was struck by a car during her morning walk to school. She survived the incident with a possible concussion.

On February 15, a twelve-year-old boy was fatally injured while walking to school in Northwest Miami-Dade County. 

Clearly, Florida drivers need more accountability near schools.

No number of deaths is acceptable.

No number of injuries is acceptable. 

Our children deserve the chance to walk to school safely.

And they deserve it NOW.

Not at some unspecified time in the future, Commissioner Kruse.

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