Stop Soroscoast Waterkeepers Before It’s Too Late

We’ve all heard about President’s Trump quest to rid the Federal Government of duplicitous and job-killing regulations, especially those coming out of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and fueled by the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal threatens our prosperity and ushers in a new level of government intervention in our personal lives and decisions.  Coupled with the EPA, it’s simply the opposite of conservative.

What’s worse, all these Environmental Groups are funded in some way, shape or form by George Soros or his allies.

That brings us to Suncoast Water Keepers.  A group, who, on the surface seems to be well meaning, but in reality is just another arm of the Soros plot to take our country careening off the leftist cliff.

First, the executive leadership of Suncoast Water Keepers is comprised of all liberal Democrats.  All of them.

Second, they receive a lot of their direction and donation from George Soros and his allies.  Suncoast Water Keepers are linked to the Waterkeeper Alliance.  They receive support and funding from this group.  So, who is in charge of Waterkeeper Alliance?

Meet uber-liberal David Kowitz.

David Kowitz is a board member for the organization Water Keepers- the mothership organization for Suncoast Water Keepers.  Mr. Kowitz is active in a number of organizations that include taking away Second Amendment Rights among other liberal causes.  Before all this philanthropic work, Mr. Kowitz was a Managing Director and Partner of Soros Fund Management.

Currently, Suncoast Water Keepers are spreading Soros-funded misinformation and conspiring against our Conservative County Commission and working with candidates challenging them.

If you want George Soros and his allies setting policy here in Manatee County, then listen to his climate crisis alarmists, the Suncoast Water Keepers.  They only live up to their name by carrying water for a group that hates you and everything you stand for.

Real Conservatives of Manatee County exists to call out the blatant hypocrisy of so many liberals hiding amongst our ranks.  Don’t be fooled by this or other groups and definitely stay vigilant against Soros and his Green New Deal plot to take over America.

The proof is undeniable.  Some of our region’s most woke, liberal Democrats have infiltrated our Republican ranks.

It’s time for Manatee County Commissioners to stand up against the Soroscoast Waterkeepers and their Marxist schemes.

Email County Commission Chairman Kevin Van Ostenbridge today and tell him REAL conservatives stand up for property rights!

[email protected]

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